Society of Psychosomatic Medicine

Society of Psychosomatic Medicine

The Czech Republic has a professional society for Psychosomatic Medicine

Prague May 26th 2014 – In the Czech Republic, psychosomatic medicine is now a part of respected medical fields. Finally, after a delay of over twenty years, Czech medicine has now joined the developed European countries. End of April 2014, the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (ČLS JEP) has founded the new Society of Psychosomatic Medicine. The ČLS JEP is the largest physician association of the Czech Republic with currently 34,000 doctors and other professionals in health care in 120 societies. The over 200 founding members of the new society are doctors from somatic disciplines, psychiatrists, psychologists and physiotherapists. The goal is to accelerate the development of psychosomatic medicine in the Czech Republic and to integrate the psychosomatic approach in the Czech health care system.

Articles of the Psychosomatic Medicine Society from J. E. Purkyně Czech Medical Association, registered association (Articles of SPM)

Currently, the new psychosomatic society is working with the Accreditation Commission of the Ministry for Health on the content and concept of the discipline. A network of psychosomatic departments is being created and a system of specialized education for physicians in the field of psychosomatics is being prepared. The doctors should become the first link in a chain that can help patients with complicated psychosomatic diseases.

Committee of the Company has been working since April 22, 2014 consisted of:

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